About Us

Greetings, my name is Danielle Beard,
owner and founder of Increasing One, LLC.
Untapped potential was developed when
I began working for a small clothing store in Laurel.
I was so nervous that another employee
had to take me by the hand and help
me make my first sell.
I remember her words, "​See, that wasn't so bad."
I thought to myself, she's right!
Something that seemed so difficult and intimidating
was actually my gift. I gained confidence
and became top salesperson almost
every month. My selling ability and
the positive feedback from customers,
motivated me to start my own business.
Increasing One is truly a step of faith.
On February 27, 2012, Increasing One became a LLC. I started placing small orders,
going to different businesses
to sell, and setting up at festivals.
It was not easy, but with my trust in God alone,
I am always able to rise above all circumstances I encounter.
I am a born again believer and I know
that God is with me.
My only competition is myself. I am not to compare myself to anyone else’s ability. God is holding me responsible for what He put on the inside of me and to bring it forth to be a blessing to others. 
People often ask me, "Why is your business called
Increasing One?"
The short answer comes from Psalms 115:14
"The Lord shall increase you more and more..."
hence the name Increasing One 
because GOD is the Increaser &
I am not Self Made!