Shape-wear vs Waist Trainer Which Is Better for Winter Season

Increasing One has been receiving the question WHICH product is better in the Winter? Well.. well.. well.. It's just too difficult to choose especially when both create the best results. But if you were to ask our company how do you stay warm and look put-together at the same time in the winter months, we have all the TEA?  Well, with the best shape-wear of course. We all know that the key to a great outfit begins with a smooth foundation despite wearing all the bulky layering.  Shape-wear offers the illusion of a slimmer and flatter body while a waist trainer is often used for waist training purposes. Shape-wear will give a temporary result like a slimmer silhouette while waist trainers can help to change the shape of your body permanently when worn for long duration. 


Benefits Of Shape-wear

There are many reasons to add shape-wear to your wardrobe. It is great for hiding problem areas, smooths out any bulges and gives your confidence a boost. Depending on your needs, there are several types of shape-wear to choose from. Whether you want a flatter midsection, slimmer arms or slimmer thighs, you can choose what fits your needs and what is best for you over at Increasing One

Benefits of Waist Trainers

Made with high compression material, waist trainers are designed to shape the body in the long term. Just like shape-wear, these garments give you a slimmer frame and help to cinch the waist. For best result, it is important to wear a waist trainer consistently for at least 8 hours a day. 

Besides smoothing out lumps and contouring your body, another benefit of wearing shape-wear or waist trainers is the extra layer of warmth underneath your clothes when the temperature drops.  Layers go a long way to keep you warm and actually helps keep in heat based off the material. 

Are you in search of the perfect waist trainer or shape-wear? Look no further. Shop today.